SharePoint 2010 chart using external data (BCS)

I want to share sharepoint 2010 OOTB feature which impressed me a lot. You can create chart in SharePoint 2010 based on external data without any custom code or using enterprise features like excel services. So what you waiting for, follow these simple steps to get visual representation of your data in minutes. Open the

How to block sandbox solution on SharePoint 2010 farm

In sharepoint 2010 we can upload and activate sandbox solutions. Although the sandbox solutions can slow down the page system pages execution of cause an error on page. The administrator has the ability to block the sandbox solution for a particular SharePoint 2010 farm. Once the solution is blocked it can’t be activated by any

Recycle bin retention period setting using PowerShell

In SharePoint 2010 there is a recycle bin property called “RecycleBinRetentionPeriod”. This property specifies the number of days files will be stored in recycle bin and then will be deleted after that period. I wrote a PowerShell script to set the SharePoint 2010 site retention period without much hassle. $siteUrl = "" Write-Host "Connecting to

Sharepoint 2010 web application maximum upload file size limit

The maximum file size setting will determine the maximum size of files uploaded to document libraries on the site. You can set the sharepoint 2010 web application max file size limit in many ways, but   I have done this in PowerShell. I wrote a smart PowerShell script to do this job. $siteUrl = Write-Host

Collaboration site default page setting in SharePoint 2010

In the last post I have explained how you can change publishing site default page using PowerShell You can also achieve same for collaboration site. In this post I explain how SharePoint 2010 collaboration site default page is set up.  $site = get-spsite "http://site URL” $file = $site.RootWeb.GetFile("Pages/Default_Copy.aspx") $folder = $site.RootWeb.RootFolder $folder.WelcomePage = $file $folder.Update()

Setting up publishing site default page in sharepoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010 publishing site you can choose the default page for that site. In the following example I will show you how you can change the default page of publishing site by using PowerShell. $site = get-spsite "http:// site URL” $pub = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.PublishingWeb] :: GetPublishingWeb($site.RootWeb) $file = $pub.Web.GetFile("Pages/New_DefaultPage.aspx") $pub.DefaultPage = $file $pub.Update()

Use PowerShell to set security timeout in SharePoint

A user logged off after a certain period of time from sharepoint 2010 site. You can reset this timeout according to your requirement.  If you need a user session to be open for more time you can always change the security time out by using PowerShell. Open PowerShell management console and copy past the following code.

SharePoint 2010 should or should not be on cloud

There are some benefit and consideration if you move your sharepoint 2010 environment on cloud for your organizations. Let’s talk about the good bits first and then we will move towards the worries. J Benefits: (why sharepoint should be on cloud) Simplify SharePoint ownership Managing SharePoint technically on premises is a big challenge, things like

Print SharePoint wiki pages all at once

Have you come across a scenario when you have multiple wiki pages on your sharepoint site and you want to print them all? I think it will be a big time waste if you have thousands of pages and start printing them one by one.  Here is a workaround to print multiple wiki pages in

SharePoint blog with attachment capability workaround

By default there are not any settings in sharepoint to enable attachments with blog posts. It is not a perfect way to do this, but worth to mention on my blog I think. I have done a workaround to achieve this Create a custom list inherited form Item with default columns. Create new item “give

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