Collaboration site default page setting in SharePoint 2010

In the last post I have explained how you can change publishing site default page using PowerShell You can also achieve same for collaboration site. In this post I explain how SharePoint 2010 collaboration site default page is set up.  $site = get-spsite "http://site URL”

Setting up publishing site default page in sharepoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010 publishing site you can choose the default page for that site. In the following example I will show you how you can change the default page of publishing site by using PowerShell. $site = get-spsite "http:// site URL” $pub = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.PublishingWeb] ::

Use PowerShell to set security timeout in SharePoint

A user logged off after a certain period of time from sharepoint 2010 site. You can reset this timeout according to your requirement.  If you need a user session to be open for more time you can always change the security time out by using PowerShell.


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