Create reusable content in InfoPath 2010

 I had a requirement in past where I need to create an InfoPath form which will be reusable for other custom solutions. I have decided to create a re-useable template in InfoPath 2010. I think it’s worth showing the steps. I have created employee info form which was going to be used again several times.

SharePoint 2010 time zones setting programmatically

The SharePoint 2010 server is always set to a specific time zone. Users from all over the world can change the time zone by using “My regional settings”. I wanted to achieve this programmatically as a batch operation. To do this, I have used the following code. SPRegionalsettings spRegnal= new SPRegionalSettings(web, true); spRegnal.TimeZone.ID = 2

Change authentication mode in SharePoint 2010

 In the following article I will explain how to change SharePoint 2010 authentication mode. In the following example I will change authentication provider of SharePoint 2010 web application from windows authentication to claim base authentication. To do this you need to user SharePoint 2010 management shell Go to start menu > All programmers > SharePoint

Testing custom solution options for SharePoint Online (office 365)

Deploying and testing solution to SharePoint online is different from SharePoint on premises environment. For SharePoint online we can only create sandbox solutions which are site collection scoped. There are two options for SharePoint online testing environment 1. Create new site collection Our goal here is to provide separate environment for testing solutions. SharePoint sandboxed

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