SharePoint 2013 Sign in as different user option not available

As some of you noticed that in SharePoint 2013 welcome menu options “Sign in as Different User” is not available by default. You need this for various reasons and there is a work around to achieve it. SP 2010 default Welcome Menu   SP 2013 default Welcome menu (missing “Sign in as Different User” option)

SharePoint 2013 web application SSL binding

Imagine you have created two SharePoint 2013 web applications. They are hosted on same web front end server with default post 80.The web applications URL’s are something like and You want to enable SSL on both web applications and have wildcard SSL certificate (*  I came across this scenario during a project where

Post upgrade Issue: SharePoint 2013 custom list “Quick edit” button is disabled

I am in middle of testing a SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 project upgrade. I have faced couple of issues, the one is that the List “Quick edit” button is disabled in SharePoint 2013 after upgrade content database from SharePoint 2010 Workaround I have just created a datasheet view in SharePoint 2013 list, clear browser

Upgrade Web application from SharePoint 2010 Farm to SharePoint 2013 Farm

The following steps will explain the upgrade process of SharePoint web application from SP 2010 to SP 2013 Farm Backup the Content database from SP2010 server using SQL management studio Move the database to SharePoint 2013 SQL server. Restore the content database on SharePoint 2013 SQL server using SQL management studio Upgrade custom code from

Clean the SharePoint 2010 Environment before upgrade to SharePoint 2013

 It is highly recommended to do bit cleaning before you do an upgrade of SharePoint 2010 environment to SharePoint 2013.We need to make sure that environment is running and fully functioning, and should clean up all those contents which doesn’t required upgrade. You should consider the following items to clean up before upgrade. Delete Site

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