Create Managed Property from Crawl Property in SharePoint 2013 Search via PowerShell

I have some custom properties in User Profile. I needed to create managed properties in SharePoint 2013 from custom user profile Crawl properties. I really don’t like doing things manually using SharePoint 2013 central administration site because then I have to recreate these properties on all different environments manually. So here is the script which

Interactive JavaScript Maps Integration with SharePoint 2013 using Script Editor Web Part

I have a top level SharePoint site called “Our Offices” and sub site for each country office location (e.g. London, Berlin etc.). The “Our Offices” site home page needs to provide easy navigation to all offices sub sites. Also, I wanted to show where this office location reside on the world map and when someone

Angular JS and Bootstrap to Display SharePoint 2013 List Data using Script Editor

I am big fan of using OOTB stuff, but sometime customer want to see things in different way or their organisational design guidelines are difficult to achieve using OOTB functionality. In my previous post I have explained how to customise SharePoint list form using Angular JS and Bootstrap  Here, I will show you how to

SharePoint 2013 Custom List Form using Angular JS and Bootstrap

According to  Microsoft InfoPath Forms Services for SharePoint Server 2013 will be supported until April 2023. Keeping that in mind I have started looking into alternatives to build rich form which can be used with SharePoint list and replace OOTB form. I have started looking into Angular JS (AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. AngularJS extends

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