SharePoint Hosted App to retrieve local weather information

In one of my previous post I explained how to get current user locale information like city, country, latitude, longitude, IP address using SharePoint hosted app. In this post, I have taken one further step to get the weather information of current logged in user’s location. Follow the below steps to achieve the same results.

Missing user profile picture after updating mysite host URL in SharePoint 2013

Recently I had to change mysite host URL in one of our environment. After I update my site hots URL and ran full user profile sync. Everything was working fine until I noticed that user images are not appearing inside user profiles. I have started looking into the issue and done the following steps to

Simple SharePoint hosted App “User Location Tracker”

You can follow the below steps to get user location information inside your SharePoint hosted app. Create a “SharePoint Host App” project in visual studio 2013 Replace app.js contents with below code jQuery.ajax({ url: '//', type: 'POST', dataType: 'jsonp', success: function (location) { jQuery('#city').html(; jQuery('#region-code').html(location.region_code); jQuery('#region-name').html(location.region_name); jQuery('#ip').html(location.ip); jQuery('#longitude').html(location.longitude); jQuery('#latitude').html(location.latitude); jQuery('#country-name').html(location.country_name); jQuery('#country-code').html(location.country_code); } }); On default.aspx

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