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Build a Modern SharePoint Intranet using Communication Template

SharePoint is a new, modern platform for seamless collaboration, interaction and content management. SharePoint intranet allows members to set up a secure space for the document, data and information sharing, social activities, news, and events. For maximum efficiency of communication and team productivity, SharePoint communication site is the real thing. Communication sites are out-of-the-box sites

Create Managed Property from Crawl Property in SharePoint 2013 Search via PowerShell

I have some custom properties in User Profile. I needed to create managed properties in SharePoint 2013 from custom user profile Crawl properties. I really don’t like doing things manually using SharePoint 2013 central administration site because then I have to recreate these properties on all different environments manually. So here is the script which

How to setup auto site deletion feature of SharePoint 2010

Step by step procedure to set SharePoint up to automatically cleans out unused sites: Step # 1: Central admin   navigates to    Application Management -----> Site Collections ------> Confirm site use and deletion  Step # 2: Choose Web Application  to be used for setup auto site deletion. For Example: Use My Site Web Application. Then you have to

How to upgrade SharePoint 2007 site to SharePoint 2010

Upgrade SharePoint 2007 Site to SharePoint 2010 There are lot of people out there who are really excited about the SharePoint 2010 release. Today I will be providing you with a guide to upgrading your SharePoint 2007 content databases to SharePoint 2010 using database attach upgrade method. To complete this operation, you need to complete

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